Monday, January 3, 2011

What I think I see My Science Fair Illusion by jdmcduck

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What do I tink I'll find

I think optical illusions confuse the mind because of the eyes. What I think is that are eyes are moving ,tilting ,plus are vision of color scrambled. So when you look at an illusion it is not really moving are turning a different color, it is just messing with your mind.

I think illusons can be made shapes ,colors ,and patterns arranged to make you think of something else.

I believe that it you can add depth and perspective you can trick the mind even more. An example would be these circles placed on top of each other

I believe if you add depth and color you can make a better illusion, it will look more real.

The drawling above is not a true sprial, it is a series of circles, each one gets smaller than the one it is inside of.

Pattens of Illusion

Circle illusion


Don't Trust Your Eyes


Now that we have added just circles but what if we add more shapes , color and depth.

A collection of over 65 optical illusions


Mind Blowing Illusions

Julian Beever makes crazy artwork on sidewalks, If you look at from the right angle it's amazing, if you look at it from the wrong angle it's a big blob

Julian Beever Chalk Artist


Disegni 3D di Julian Beever per le strade


I hope I've confused you Conclusion by jdmcduck

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